Alex Barrett


Alex has over 5 years of experience in both the finance and consulting communities in Montreal, Toronto and New York City. Since joining Inovia Capital, he has worked closely with Inovia's Quebec portfolio including RenoRun, AlayaCare, Busbud, Tracktik, Planned and Chronogolf. In addition, Alex currently serves as an observer on the board of Halifax-based Swept and is deeply involved in Toronto-based Clearbanc and SF-based Future Family. He is also a mentor for local accelerator and incubator programs such as McGill’s X-1, Holt Accelerator, and Founder Fuel. Furthermore, Alex maintains close relationships at the analyst and associate levels with top-tier VCs active in Quebec and ensures that Inovia has full visibility on the local deal flow.

The future is unimaginable. Every day the future is reimagined by some of the most incredible minds in the world. Keeping up with it is half of my job.

Something that keeps me up at night, in a good way is wondering who is going to impress me tomorrow and what I’m going to learn. People always surprise me in very subtle ways.

I do this work because it excites me to wake up in the morning. This is not work, it is a lifestyle that takes me on a roller coaster ride every single day.

The last book I read was the biography of Elon Musk, one of the greatest visionaries and most inspiring innovators of all time. He built a spaceship company knowing nothing about rocket science.