Dax Dasilva biography

Dax Dasilva is the creative mind behind Lightspeed’s suite of retail, hospitality and eCommerce tools. Founded in 2005, Lightspeed develops a cloud commerce platform used by customers in over 100 countries. The company’s mission is to bring cities and communities to life by powering independent business. Lightspeed is about much more than transactions; it helps entrepreneurs work smarter, make data-driven decisions, and create the best possible experience for their customers.

In 2015, Dax also founded Never Apart, a cultural non-profit determined to bring about positive social change and unity through original programming with global reach and impact. Housed in Lightspeed’s former offices, Never Apart cultivates a diverse following and has welcomed thousands into its 12,000 square foot space

In October 2021, he also launched Age of Union, an action-oriented environmental initiative that is working on-the-ground to protect the planet’s threatened species and ecosystems.