Top Hat

Help professors make every lecture count.

Top Hat's mission is to help teachers make each class a lesson that matters. Top Hat achieves this goal by using students' mobile devices to make them powerful tools for classroom participation.

Top Hat Founder Mike Silagadze is one of the true outliers of our portfolio, and stands as an inspiration to many of us. Having overcome early life challenges, he eventually immigrated from Siberia, Chernobyl, and Israel to Canada, where he eventually attended the University of Waterloo.

We were originally introduced to Mike through a mutual acquaintance, and were impressed with his vision and perseverance. As he kept making progress, we also became more interested in the broader EdTech opportunity. We ultimately ended up co-leading Top Hat's Series A the following year.

Today Top Hat is delivering on a vision for providing better educational experiences at the college/university level. Top Hat’s web- and mobile-based classroom response system engages students and provides professors with real-time feedback on student understanding. Instructors can effortlessly conduct polls, start open-ended discussions, create quizzes and launch interactive demonstrations in class. Currently used by over 200,000 students at over 350 universities worldwide, Top Hat makes the in-class experience more connected and interactive.