Spatial's mission is to empower people to be more connected, creative, and productive.

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The company's first product is transforming how people work. Organizations are increasingly distributed across offices and information doesn't flow easily; Spatial is the collective computing platform for organizations to unlock their productive and creative potential. Spatial is a passionate team of 3D Design and AR/VR experts based in New York and San Francisco.

DOS was, in its time, an amazing one dimensional interface: you typed at the command line and could move left or right using keyboard commands. Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS soon followed, offering profound new two dimensional paradigms for interactions. The shift from one dimension to two, by today's standards, feels profound — and now Spatial takes its own profound leap into the future with three dimensional interfaces.

Spatial's team and technology are both very cool. Using their technology, you can make full use of a physical space. Inputs include head and eye position, tracking and direction of movement, as well as the full three dimensional environment you are in (real or virtual).

Adoption of AR and VR has historically been stronger with early adopters in the gaming market and deeply subject to hype cycles. Spatial represents an important shift: maturing from the narrow focus of wowing early adopters into the enterprise market.

We see a natural transformation happening in the future of work — more distributed teams need stronger collaboration tools — and Spatial’s insights align with that natural transition which is well underway. With their early products and truly impressive team, we see the potential for lasting and exciting progress in the modern workplace.