Snapcommerce uses messaging to help customers find the right products at the right prices.

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SnapTravel is now Snapcommerce.

Karam Nijjar met Co-Founder and CEO Hussein Fazal when they were classmates at the University of Waterloo. In 2017, they sat beside each other at a Founders & Funders dinner; the next day Hussein forwarded Karam a graph of his revenue growth with a note: “want in?” In about two weeks, SnapTravel became the go-to hotel booking service for inovia, as well as for many portfolio companies and LPs in the inovia network. We invested a month later.

Fast forward just under two years, and we are in awe at the growth the company has seen — on both the customer and the investment side. We’re proud, but perhaps not surprised, to see that Co-Founder Hussein and Henry Shi have courted pro baller Stephen Curry to join in as an investor. With added awareness of this cool new way to book travel, we look forward to supporting their exciting next phase of growth.