Rewind backs up data that lives in the cloud — helping enterprise and SMBs stay focused on growing their business.

Rewind is a service that protects the data that is driving business, from a simple side hustle to a successful venture. Rewind backs up data that lives in the cloud – specifically in apps like Shopify, BigCommerce, and QuickBooks Online. Rewind believes that business owners should be focused on growing and delighting customers; that the data that drives their business should be free to move, be protected from disaster, and always be secure from wrongdoing.

Inovia chose to invest in Rewind because of the incredible leadership and ambition of the executive team and founders. It was clear from our first meeting that we had an alignment in core values and principles. Rewind is building a product that is core to the growth and proper utility of SaaS applications all over the world. Building reliable, secure backups is an opportunity that has the potential to scale across hundreds of applications and be part of the backbone of the way millions of SMBs work and store their data.