Peraso Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company developing multi-gigabit, millimeter wave single-chip transceivers for phones and VR.

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Peraso is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in the development of integrated circuits for the 60 GHz wireless marketplace. Peraso’s goal is to provide best in class products for the consumer electronics (CE) market in general, and specifically to the mobile segment, including smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras. As such, Peraso endeavors to incorporate features critical to the mobile market in our products, including minimal footprint, low power consumption and competitive price points.

Our investment in Peraso arose out of our recognition that existing spectrum used by bluetooth, wifi and other is the limiting factor on achieving the full promise of those protocols, and keeping up with consumer performance and reliability expectations in dense urban areas. We backed world-leading UofT researchers in millimeter wave wireless that has since become the standard for next generation wireless standards for WiFi, 5G cellular networks, VR headsets and internet connectivity. Years in the making, Peraso is the only independent player with shipping, standards compliant products.