Neo4j’s helps the world make sense of data.

Neo4j is the leader in graph database technology. As the world’s most widely deployed graph database, the company helps global brands to reveal and predict how people, processes, and systems are interrelated. Using this relationships-first approach, applications built with Neo4j tackle connected data challenges such as analytics and artificial intelligence, fraud detection, real-time recommendations, and knowledge graphs

With Neo4j Aura the company brings the most deployed graph database platform to all, with zero friction and zero cost, accelerating the adoption of their transformative graph technology for modern intelligent applications.  Aura empowers SMBs to augment a variety of their business applications, giving smaller players the same capabilities that large enterprises have long enjoyed. 

This is an exciting market opportunity given the increased global interconnectivity and data volumes and Neo4j has led the market for over 10 years of continuous innovation, most notably with the recent launch of Aura.  We are impressed with its seasoned executive team that consistently delivers, and the company’s strong focus on building an impactful and global product which dovetails with our mission of supporting founders to build global sustainable companies.