Future Family

Future Family puts IVF treatments and related support within reach for families.

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Future Family is the premier healthcare services platform for fertility (IVF, egg donors, egg freezing) with the power to take consumers through their entire fertility journey, from fact-finding to treatment. Future Family provides a comprehensive solution that includes education, testing, digital consults, and subscription plans to cover the cost of treatment. Today there are over 150M women and men in the U.S. between the ages of 25 and 44, and most lack access to modern fertility care due to cost and complexity. Future Family is filling the gap in the market.

Our investment in Future Family represents a culmination of several influences: our thesis on the future of health and healthcare services, a vision for the power of new business models to ignite broad changes in an industry and a trust in the power of a Founder’s personal journey to ignite adoption and drive an organization to success.

Founder Dr. Claire Tompkins is uniquely positioned to weave each of these thoughts together — having herself understood the pains of IVF treatments, and having also understood the pains of building tech companies.

We have a shared vision for the future of healthcare services: more choices, more affordability, and better outcomes. In a nutshell, we believe that the future of health includes giving agency back to individuals to define their own futures.