Fellow helps managers become supermanagers.

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Fellow is modern meeting management software for modern workflows and management needs. The first iteration of the product is a 1-on-1 agenda manager, available for free use to individual managers. Fellow prioritizes a company’s development roadmap against its impact on manager productivity, rather than those that only serve a reporting function. Fellow is also building thoughtful integrations into daily use tools, such as Slack. 

We invested in Fellow because the company has both strong founder-market fit and product-market fit. We’ve known Co-Founder & CEO Aydin for several years, and watched as he built, scaled and ultimately exited his first company, Fluidware, to SurveyMonkey. He and his co-founders are a brilliant and driven team who have lived experiences that led them to create Fellow; they also have the proven ability to bring in early and large-scale clients such as Shopify, to help drive their product development. As a growing and distributed team ourselves, we have found the benefits of Fellow’s approach to continuous performance management, and see great opportunity for growth.