Drivewyze improves the mobility of long-haul truckers.

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Drivewyze PreClear is a mobile-based bypass solution for the North American trucking industry. With the PreClear application installed on their mobile device a truck driver can receive a bypass when approaching roadside vehicle inspection stations, saving time and money.

We like to leverage technology to upend old industries. In doing so, companies open the door to better experiences and greater possibilities for people on both sides of the service equation. In Drivewyze, we saw the disruptive move of using geofencing with the mobile phone network rather than legacy transponders to bypass weigh stations and perform inspections — keeping drivers on the road to their destination. As a secondary outcome, Drivewyze’s technology paves the way for automated vehicles to fully operate, safely and in compliance with local regulations.

The team behind Drivewyze has tremendous experience and knowledge in the vehicle inspection and transportation industries. With over a decade of operation, working with law enforcement and departments of transportation across the United States, they have built transparency and trust into the core of their brand.