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Busbud is the intercity bus booking website with the largest coverage in the world. Travelers can search, compare and buy tickets from 3,900+ bus companies in 21,000+ cities connected by 2,300,000+ bus routes across 80+ countries.

When we first met Busbud in 2013, over 1.5 billion bus tickets were being sold in the US, South America and Europe — making bus travel one of the often overlooked, yet truly critical components of modern mobility.

Without established standards or reliability, the industry was stagnating in its ability to holistically improve the customer journey. Busbud represented a step forward in this realm - providing consistency of information and access that busy global travelers came to expect in planning their journeys. The inspiration for Busbud came when Co-founder Louis-Philippe Maurice was backpacking through South America. He envisioned a platform that could build transparency, searchability and trust in the system, then he set out to build it.

Over time, Busbud came to offer services that also facilitated improved operations for bus operators. With end-to-end improvements across the bus booking system, Busbud has delivered on its original mission and continues to expand globally.

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