Botpress’ mission is to build a world where interacting with software is like talking to a friend or a colleague.

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Botpress offers an infrastructure layer which developers can use to build both front-end and back-end bots (e.g. customer-facing chatbots, workflow automation, etc). It provides a seamless, affordable and rapid bot building experience, without creating limitations or compromising on quality, so developers can focus on building incredible experiences. The brand has been cited by numerous clients as the bot builder with quickest time to value as well as best combination of ease of use and customizability. 

Based on extensive research on the market and multiple conversations with enterprises evaluating their conversational AI needs,  we’ve concluded that Botpress’ open source technology has the winning approach. We believe it will be irresistible to developers with its auditability features, its fostering of strong community engagement, and most importantly, its developer first approach. 

We are incredibly excited to be partnering with the Botpress team on this journey as they provide the infrastructure needed to better support their customers using contextualized conversation.

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