BenchSci aims to accelerate important drug discovery by solving some of the biggest challenges in protein research.

BenchSci is refactoring life science research from an inconvenient, inefficient, and opaque industry into one accelerated by the power of AI, data abundance, and transparency. Our investment reflects our focus on mission-driven founders that are uniquely qualified to rewrite the rules of old industries. We firmly believe that BenchSci’s machine learning approach produces high yield results that are immediately transferrable to pharma research teams, and has the potential to fundamentally solve the research reproducibility crisis and transform how life science research is done.

The BenchSci founding team is made up of four individuals from the University of Toronto and its close community; it has an impressive and diverse skillset. Chief Science Officer Tom Leung had the original idea for BenchSci while working in a lab at the school; CTO David Chen and Chief Data Officer Elvis Wianda built the first core platform. After joining the Creative Destruction Lab/Toronto, the team met Liran Belenzon, an MBA and serial entrepreneur who came on as CEO.

With this strong all-star energy, the team delivered a first product that brings solutions in two key areas: it automates the way scientists find applicable bio-materials, and streamlines how those materials can be purchased. These two initial areas of focus have the potential to reshape the discovery and acquisition of antibodies — a core need for effective scientific research, which to date has been hampered by old school systems of control and exchange.

Our investment in BenchSci represents a passion we have for enabling better health outcomes through strategic investments. It is one of several investments in the digital health and life sciences space.