Armored Things

Armored Things keeps communities safer through connecting IoT devices.

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Armored Things is a Boston-based startup building a predictive cyber-physical incident response platform to keep people safe in large, shared spaces like schools, stadiums, and streets. The company provides security operations with early warnings of risks, better information to assess threats, and faster responses through automation using existing IoT devices, mobile devices and systems.

Our investment in Armored Things is the result of a shared and deep understanding of technology and security matters; we agree with the founding team that we are in a period where there is an accelerated convergence of digital and physical security.

We also believe that as populations become increasingly dense, a need for smarter security monitoring will become paramount. While many startups have focused on consumer-grade applications, Armored Things provides solutions that offer enterprise-scale solutions. Through Armored Things’ orchestration of devices, data is no longer siloed — suddenly giving security managers an ability to coordinate response. Data also alleviates stress on staff and resources, while providing more consistent and “always on” monitoring.

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