Signal 1

Signal 1 transforms patient care through responsibly deployed AI.

Launched in April 2022, Signal 1 is a health AI start-up with the mission to transform patient care through responsibly deployed AI. The company was formed out of strategic partnerships between Unity Health, a leading health network in Ontario and a leader in the application of Clinical AI, and Layer 6, a leading applied AI division of TD Bank Group. 

Signal 1 provides hospitals with an end-to-end solution for integrating AI-driven insights into existing hospital workflows. Its first application, CHARTWatch, is a clinically validated real-time automated patient risk predictor that helps hospitals improve quality and flow while reducing stress on front-line care providers.

We are impressed by both Signal 1’s highly seasoned management team and its proven track record in both AI and healthcare. Its technology will provide improvements beneficial to patients and the economics of hospitals. Signal 1 already has working products which can be replicated at other hospitals and we are extremely excited about its impact in the healthcare space.