About Tribe

Tribe was founded in 2018 in Toronto, Canada, by Siavash Mahmoudian, Soheil Alavi, and Mohsen Malayeri.

Using Tribe’s no-code platform, community managers are able to spin up niche social networks within a modular and API-driven approach. Companies can create a stand-alone community website and add engaging social touchpoints to an existing product.

Tribe’s vision is to be similar to other infrastructure companies such as Shopify enabling commerce or WordPress enabling content. Tribe aims to be the world’s leading platform that enables the growth and management of communities/social networks.

Inovia believes these three compelling founders are pursuing a very ambitious goal. Online communities are the driving force behind many cultural, consumer and commercial trends. Tribe is building a platform to enable those conversations in the most intuitive and scalable manner.

Company Information

Headquarters: Toronto

Investment Information

Investment year: 2020

Inovia Team Members: Karamdeep Nijjar

Tribe's Journey with Inovia

Sep 2019

First meeting between Inovia and Tribe

July 2020

Inovia participates in the company's Seed round


More to come!

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