About Swept

Swept is software designed to help commercial cleaning companies attract and retain cleaners and clients. Swept streamlines team communication, allowing managers to better support their employees and proactively address issues on site before they become customer problems. In addition to easy to use features like time and attendance tracking, employee scheduling, and incident reporting, Swept also offers an auto-translation feature that allows cleaners and managers to communicate with one another in over 100 languages.

We invested in Swept because it follows squarely on both our thesis for the future of work and our vision of transforming old industries using new business models and new technology. Swept solves a valuable problem by empowering janitorial companies to better connect with their workforce, and to facilitate exchanges among staff and with customers.

Co-Founder Michael Brown also piqued our interest — as the current iteration of Swept is an evolution of his deep experience as a janitorial service business owner.

Company Information

Headquarters: Halifax

Investment Information

Investment year: 2017

Inovia Team Members: Shawn Abbott

Swept's Journey with Inovia

Mar 2017

First meeting between Inovia and Swept

Sep 2017

Inovia leads the Seed Round


More to come!