About Poka

Poka is a performance support application that empowers factory workers to learn continuously, share knowledge and collaborate to solve problems directly from the production floor. By connecting frontline workers through Poka, leading manufacturers are driving improvements in key production KPIs including safety, productivity, and quality.

Our investment in Poka represents a vision for the future of industrial work — where the effective transfer of knowledge becomes a powerful asset for both the company and individuals in the workforce. Co-Founders Alexandre Leclerc and Antoine Bisson recognized from firsthand experience, the challenges and opportunities facing global manufacturers in the Industry 4.0 era — a growing skills gap, increasingly complex equipment and outdated approaches to training and communication; they created Poka to tackle these issues.

Connected workers are an essential part of any digital factory and Poka makes it possible for global companies to finally eliminate silos between shifts, departments and plants, ensuring that best practices are consistently applied and that collective knowledge is leveraged.

Company Information

Headquarters: Québec, QC

Investment Information

Investment year: 2014

Inovia Team Members: Chris Arsenault Kelly Jacques

Poka's Journey with Inovia

Dec 2014

Inovia leads the company's Seed round

Jan 2015

Inovia Partner Chris Arsenault joins the board

Dec 2017

Inovia invests in the company's Series A

Jan 2018

Scott Munro supports Poka with M&A activities


More to come!