About Neeva

Neeva is the world’s first ads-free, private subscription search engine. Untethered to ads revenue, Neeva focuses entirely on delivering a better experience for the consumer. Whether it is looking for products or for news, you see what is relevant and useful for you, not for advertisers.

Search engines have become products serving advertisers, not its users. Search engines are littered with advertisements for the highest bidder, burying organic search results far below the fold. What started as a well-intentioned way to organize the world’s information has turned into a business focusing most of its resources on monetizing clicks to support its advertisers. While the “free” model helped create much of the internet we see today, it comes at a steep price. Moreover, one company controlling more than 90% of the market stifles competitive innovation and ultimately harms the consumer and society.

Neeva is unencumbered by advertising to generate revenue. This gives Neeva the freedom to deliver the most relevant and useful results. Neeva is focused on finding the best answers to your search, full stop. Not on ways to monetize through advertisers tracking you across the internet.

Company Information

Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

Investment Information

Investment year: 2021

Inovia Team Members: Patrick Pichette Todd Simpson

Neeva's Journey with Inovia

Aug 2020

First meeting between Inovia and Neeva

Mar 2021

Inovia participates in the Series B financing round


More to come!