About Jaide Health

Jaide Health is building a HIPAA compliant, real-time, AI-driven platform for foreign language medical interpretation and translation. Their goal is to eliminate language access as a barrier to care while helping healthcare organizations reduce costs and achieve better health equity outcomes.

Jaide Health’s mission is aligned with several critical elements of our digital health thesis: our focus on exceptional teams with deep market understanding, our belief that frontline products must be simple, practical and drive value to both the buyer and the end user, and our emphasis on solutions that address cost drivers while improving outcomes. We’re excited to be part of Joe and Julie’s journey from the start and can’t wait to see the impact of Jaide on providers and patients.

Company Information

Headquarters: Boston, Los Angeles, Remote

Founded in: 2023

Investment Information

Investment year: 2023

Inovia Team Members: Steve Woods Kory Jeffrey Gabi Piccininni

Jaide Health's Journey with Inovia


Steve meets Joe while working at Google


Inovia meets the Jaide team

Dec 2023

Inovia leads the company’s pre-seed round


More to come!