About InfinitySPM

InfinitySPM’s mission is to empower enterprise organizations to develop their best revenue strategies through a comprehensive and unified approach to planning that integrates finance, operations, and sales. Their aim is to drive sales excellence and optimize incentives by leveraging a fully integrated Sales Performance Management (SPM) platform. Their solution streamlines territory, quota, and sales capacity planning, linking these efforts directly to incentive compensation. This ensures transparency and alignment across all departments, fostering an environment where sales and financial strategies converge for optimal business outcomes.

InfinitySPM’s platform, powered by OneStream, offers state-of-the-art sales modeling and performance tracking, automating incentive compensation management to achieve high accuracy and clarity between plans and results. By centralizing data management and simplifying implementation, they provide a seamless experience that enhances efficiency and provides deep insights into sales coverage and financial alignment. Their mission is to facilitate collaboration and drive sustained revenue growth through meticulously planned and executed sales strategies.

Company Information

Headquarters: Toronto

Founded in: 2022

Investment Information

Investment year: 2024

Inovia Team Members: Karamdeep Nijjar Noah Nagle

InfinitySPM's Journey with Inovia


Karam meets the InfinitySPM team during their first SPM venture.

Apr 2024

Karam reconnects with the InfinitySPM team.

May 2024

Inovia is invited to join a potential capital raise.

Jun 2024

Inovia leads growth funding with Graphite Ventures.


More to come!