About DarwinAI

DarwinAI is a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence startup based in Waterloo, Canada, that holds the key to rapid adoption of AI across many verticals. DarwinAI’s technology, stemming from years of scholarship by its academic team from the University of Waterloo, uses ‘AI to build AI’ in order to dramatically reduce the size of deep neural networks while making them explainable.

At present, DarwinAI’s commercial focus involves facilitating visual quality inspection for manufacturing by means of their core technology. The insights from ‘explaining AI’ enable DarwinAI to build superior enterprise AI solutions for manufacturing to increase production efficiencies that are accurate and trustworthy. DarwinAI’s pioneering technology accelerates the creation of robust AI models with reduced amounts of data that shorten the time to deliver meaningful ROI to customers. DarwinAI’s offering is also critical in ‘human-in-the-loop’ scenarios, in which an individual must validate the AI in some important sense. In time, DarwinAI intends on applying their core technology to adjacent industries such as Pharma, Oil & Gas, and Financial Services.

Company Information

Headquarters: Waterloo

Investment Information

Investment year: 2018

Inovia Team Members: Scott Munro

DarwinAI's Journey with Inovia

Nov 2017

First meeting between Inovia and DarwinAI

Sep 2018

Inovia co-leads the company's Seed round

Q3 2021

Scott Munro joins the board


More to come!