About Bench Accounting

Vancouver-based Bench is North America’s largest and leading online bookkeeping service for small businesses. Pairing its intuitive software with a live bookkeeping team, Bench combines the convenience and efficiency of modern technology with the expertise and time savings afforded by a professional service.

After rapidly building the largest online bookkeeping service for SMBs, Bench launched new financial products, Bench Core and Bench Flex, and is accelerating growth and expanding market opportunity.

Since meeting with the company back in 2012, we kept finding ourselves impressed by their team’s ability to distill bookkeeping into a system of equations and to balance their instincts with data. Bench’s leadership team has attracted an impressive lineup of seasoned executives to support their next phase of growth and capitalize on automation. The team has secured distribution partnerships with top-tier SMB players including Shopify, Gusto, Stripe, BofA, Mindbody, and Freshbooks.

Company Information

Headquarters: Vancouver

Investment Information

Investment year: 2017

Inovia Team Members: Shawn Abbott Hugues Lalancette Noah Nagle

Bench Accounting's Journey with Inovia


Inovia meets with Bench and stays in touch through its network

June 2017

Inovia leads Series B and Shawn joins the Board

May 2021

Inovia participates in the Series C round

Sep 2021

Bench becomes an Inovia Continuity Fund I portfolio company

Aug 2022

JP Durrios becomes CEO of Bench Accounting


More to come!